Firmware 2.34 makes anytone 868 look like 878

firmware 2.34 makes anytone 868 look like 878

firmware 2.34 makes anytone 868 look like 878

AnyTone 868 878 Btech 6X2 Alinco DJ-MD5 mods information. Modifications, hints, tips and technical information for the AnyTone AT-D878UV AnyTone AT-D868UV and BTech DMR-6X2 (Some relevance to Alinco DJ-MD5 too) dual band DMR digital handheld radio . Version 16.9 --- 9th November 2020. Updates made since the previous version are shown in this purple colour. This information is primarily ...

 · For those with the 868, the just-released 2.34 firmware changes the display to the same white-on-black as the 878. Nothing compelling about the 878 at this time for me to switch. Audio leveling would be a welcome update for either one but doesn't seem to be forthcoming. WB2LBV, Feb 1, 2019 #3. K3BH Ham Member QRZ Page. Thank you for the information on 2.34, and I agree on audio leveling. …

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 · bonjour Gerald F6HBI Je trouve difficile de changer mon 868 avec le firmware 878, vous pouvez m’envoyer votre film par email [email protected] par ik7lkd (Translation) Hello Gerald F6HBI I find it difficult to change my 868 with the 878 firmware, you can …

AnyTone AT-D868UV only at this stage, I may look at making the Btech DMR-6×2 expanded firmware available if enough interest is shown in the future As delivered by the factory, the 868 covers 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. There are countries around the world that make use of the radio spectrum above 480 MHz for two way radio, and this modification will allow you to hear those transmissions.

Download the latest AnyTone AT-D868UV Firmware vX.XX. Extract the files located in this zip file to your desktop or a temporary folder. The QX Code Pro Update program is now included in the CPS starting with version 1.21. BEFORE YOU DO A FIRMWARE UPDATE, READ AND SAVE YOUR CODE PLUG TO RELOAD TO THE RADIO ONCE THE UPDATE IS COMPLETE

 · Release 2.34 CPS. February 18 , 2019. This zip file has all the programs and documents necessary to update both the firmware and CPS. The CPS was released on February 18, 2019 and is included here. February 8 , 2019. Driver . February 8 , 2019. For those people who are having problems with their computer, it is recommend you try this new driver. However, if you are not having problems, …

Anytone reminds you to ... I suggest that you simply replace the older files with these new ones and perform the May 28 firmware update again, just like you did before. This corrected update fixes an issue where the menu screen would blink after the original May 28 update was applied. The following was added May 28, 2018 Firmware update v2.29 has been released. CLICK HERE to download. This ...

New Products. The AnyTone D868UV radio was developed to conform to the DMR Tier I and II requirements.

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